31 March 2007

Lots of Daffs

Old Town has so much to offer and right now it happens to be flowers. Please take a moment to check out my daffodil picture.

30 March 2007

Don't Wear Shorts!!!!

I saw this cool looking bench when I was walking around Old Town. I love the linear look and the beam of sun light going accross it. When summer arrives this bench is not only going to leave lines on the back of your legs it is going to get hot. People who sit in shorts will look as if they were just "branded" with nicely seared bench lines on the back of their legs!!! Even after I wrote that part about searing legs it still looks comfortable.......doesn't it???

29 March 2007

Large Reflection in a Window

I really like capturing a nice reflection in a window!!!!!

27 March 2007

Arched Doorway

Doorways--they are always leading somewhere and I find them fun to photograph. Old town has many interesting doorways. This arched doorway is not very bright but makes up for it in character., au revoir!!

Flower Abstract No.1

I am awful at thinking of good titles so I thought I would name this photo in a similar way that Stuart Davis named his painting that is hanging at the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. I took this photo on a bright sunny day in Old Town, Alexandria. Through dodging and burning the picture now shows the emotion and feeling that I find enjoyable in photography. I always love doing abstract photography.....au revoir!!!!

26 March 2007

The Flower Show Begins

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Northern Virginia and the flowers were out. I went to Old Town and started taking pictures and got quite a few that I will be posting in the days to come. I am not sure of the name of these flowers but they grown on what I call a Tulip tree, I say this because the flowers look like Tulips. The back drop is Christ Church which I have photographed and posted here before. Looking forward to your comments--Dave

25 March 2007

Waynewood Easter Egg Hunt

Every year Waynewood residents with children bring them to the park for an Easter egg hunt. There are three different age groups for hunting the eggs. The youngest kids look for their eggs in the tennis court area. The group that I have photographed is between 4 and 6 years of age. The plastic eggs are scattered all over the grass, when the whistle is blown kids run all around with their baskets scooping up as many eggs as possible. There are probably 200 hundred eggs on the ground along with other goodies--with in 2 minutes everything has been picked up, it is quite amazing to watch kids cleanup so fast!!!

24 March 2007

Potomac River at Night

This is a night shot from a couple of weeks ago. This is the Potomac river, in the background you can see the Wilson bridge and that streaking light is from the strobe of an airplane getting ready to land at National Airport.

23 March 2007


There is nothing like looking a nice little steam and some smooth rocks to make you think of relaxation. Or it could be that it is Friday either way relax!!!

22 March 2007

Post Mistress Reserved Parking

Who knew that being a being the head of a Post Office came with parking perks!! This is not even D.C. or New York where the parking sucks. I will admit I did have to stop and actually read what the sign said--because I have never heard of a Post Mistress. Like I said who knew, not me!!!

21 March 2007

Spring Is Officially Here

I am posting another picture of flowers to celebrate the official arrival of spring. Of course this does not take the threat of snow away but we are putting some distance into the likelihood that it will snow. Enough talk of snow!!! Anyways happy spring to everyone!!!

20 March 2007

Red Door

Here is a closer shot of the front door of the little Seminary Road Post Office. A very nice red door with a worn out sign saying "United States Post Office." What else can I say!!!

19 March 2007

Little Post Office

This is the Alexandria Seminary Road U.S. Post Office. I was trying to find some historical info on it but I have had little luck. This is a very small post office and I know it is very old because they don't make them like this anymore!! The fact that it is still open is amazing.

18 March 2007

Happy Drake!!!

This is my cat Drake, I use the term "my" loosely after all he is a cat!!! Rubbing his cheek bones on corners is one of his most favorite things to do. As you can see by this picture he is in a total blissful state. Life is good!!

17 March 2007

Table & Chairs

It rained all day today and now we are experiencing wintery mix!!!! This photo fits perfectly with todays weather, dreary and out of focus. Sharp crisp photos are what I normally post but I really like the feeling I get from this photograph.

16 March 2007

Mother and Daughter

I really like this picture, it ranks very high on my list of favorites. It was the perfect moment, time was captured for a brief second and what was left over is indescribable. Whenever I need a boost I look at this picture, even when I don't need a boost--I still smile!!!

15 March 2007

St. Patrick's Day is Near

Several weeks ago there was a St.Patrick's day parade in Old Town. I unfortunately missed it because I went hiking instead. When I was driving back this was what was left, people clambering to get a drink--I love it!!! This is nothing compared to what this weekend will be like--It is going to be crazy!!

14 March 2007

Stone Wall

I really enjoy shooting abstract photographs. This photo was taken at Great Falls. Yes, I know it is not Alexandria but it is fairly close. Sometimes I like to mix it up a bit!!!!

13 March 2007

Place Dumpster Here!!!!

Everytime I go to Sportrock to do some indoor rock climbing and yoga I see this dumpster in the parking lot. A little history--there are many car repair shops next to Sportrock and this is one of the car shops dumpsters.
So I am a bit confused. Place the dumpster here is that on the white concrete???? Here could be anywhere but if it was anywhere then it would not be here....hmmmm!!! OK, so I got it, as long as the dumpster is place on the ground where the arrows are pointing.....Then that would be here which could actually be anywhere but then it wouldn't be here...ahhh forget it!!!

12 March 2007

Spring is Near

My significant other (Ann) wrote this poem that compliments my photograph:


I am

A flower

Opening each morning

To the promise of a new day,

My face

Always turning

Toward the sun.

Ann (Jan. 2005)

11 March 2007

Icy Footprints

I forgot that I had this photo and wanted to post it before it was too late, because the flowers are starting to come out in the Virginia and D.C. area. Spring and color is what I will be focusing on in future posts. I am hoping this is my last winter post!!!! We shall see......

09 March 2007

Still Cold Outside But Getting Warmer

We aren't there quite yet but it is getting warmer!!! Those jackets and gloves we are seeing are soo going to be a thing of the past at least until next winter!!

Metro Rail

This is a photo of our subway here in the Washington D.C. area. It is actually stopping at the King Street stop in Alexandria. The Metro or subway runs between Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. Most of the time the Metro is a great source of transportation, it is quick, clean and fairly safe. I would recommend it to anyone visiting this area!!!

08 March 2007

Muddy Foot Prints

Last weekend this is what I encountered while spending some time in the great outdoors--lots of mud!!! Yesterday we got another 3 inches of white fluffy snow to create more mud when it melts. I shouldn't complain, I got a great abstract picture I really like and it was unexpected--just like the people who weren't expecting to walk through the mud!!!

07 March 2007

Calming Effect

I really like it when there is fog on the Potomac river because I can usually come away with a nice photograph. The little ripples in the water and the silence in the air create a mental image of peace and relaxation, the way life should be!!

06 March 2007

Lots of Water!!

For starters this photo was taken at Great Falls on the Maryland side, which is about 25 minutes from Alexandria. We have had so much snow and rain (more rain than snow) this is the result. The Great Falls area has a lot of water so much that many of the hiking trails are closed because they are muddy and under water. The water was moving so fast that one could hear boulders hitting each other from the force of the water, it was pretty cool!!

05 March 2007

Fluffy Clouds

Life can often be like the clouds in the sky; one minute they're here the next they're gone. This winter has not presented many days with nice clouds that I have wanted to photograph, when I looked up and saw these I had to capture them. Shortly after I got this picture the sky got somewhat gray and a big nondescript mass moved in. The clouds passing by reminds me of life--always moving!!!

04 March 2007

It's About to Rain in Color!!!

As promised I am posting the color version of yesterdays post. I like both versions but I think black and white wins. This is the exact same picture I just turned of the layer that made it black and white in Photoshop.

03 March 2007

It's About to Rain!!!

I have wanted to post this picture for a while. This huge storm was moving in and with my apartment being on the 10th floor I got a pretty good view. I have this photo in color and black and white. I will post the color version later to see if there is a preference to either one.

02 March 2007

Bubble Wrap

This piece of bubble wrap was on the shore of the Potomac river. I thought it made an interesting photograph which expressed many words. What do you think??? Me, time to get serious and clean up!!!

01 March 2007

Peeling Off

I want your opinion of this photograph; what do you like and what don't you like about it. I am not going to say anything about it until later tomorrow night.