19 March 2007

Little Post Office

This is the Alexandria Seminary Road U.S. Post Office. I was trying to find some historical info on it but I have had little luck. This is a very small post office and I know it is very old because they don't make them like this anymore!! The fact that it is still open is amazing.


~tanty~ said...

To me, this small post office is cute! I like it.

angela said...

What an adorable building. This is a lovely, sharp photo..
And how lucky you are to have a post office. In the UK many small P.O.s have been closed and even in France there are threats of closure. I don't know why because there's always a queue.

Anonymous said...

Although this post office services the Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood in which it resides it's history is tied in with the insitution which surrounds it - The Virginia Theological Seminary. The Seminary, est. 1823 moved to the 88 acres on which it resides in 1832 and was close only a year or so during the period of the Civil War where it served as a Union Army hospital.
At some point in the seminary's history the Post Office was put in place to serve the insitution and the many faculty, staff, and students who reside on campus. For more history about it I encourage you to contact the seminary (I am a grad) and speak with someone - most likely historian Dr. Robert Pirchard can add more details!