30 March 2007

Don't Wear Shorts!!!!

I saw this cool looking bench when I was walking around Old Town. I love the linear look and the beam of sun light going accross it. When summer arrives this bench is not only going to leave lines on the back of your legs it is going to get hot. People who sit in shorts will look as if they were just "branded" with nicely seared bench lines on the back of their legs!!! Even after I wrote that part about searing legs it still looks comfortable.......doesn't it???


Kate said...

Since I've arrived in Mazatlan I have been interested in the variety and kinds of benches which I never see in St. Paul, or perhaps I haven't been looking! You're right; that bench is going to become a hot little number in the sun.

Kuanyin said...

Beautiful photo...thanks for the warning although it's a bit too steely looking for me to want to sit on it with our without shorts. :-)