31 January 2007

Keeps on Going......

This is another picture in my railroad series. Train tracks that just seem to keep on going and going and going!!!

30 January 2007

Weathered Painted Box

I saw this colorful weathered painted box while I was down by the railroad tracks. When I took this shot it was raining out and very gray, this was the most colorful object around.

29 January 2007


This is one of many photos taken by some railroad tracks. The once useful wiring now expired has vines growing accross it.

28 January 2007

New Construction

There is quite a bit of new construction in Alexandria due to the close proximity to Wasington D.C. Thankfully there is a Metro stop (subway) right by these new buildings because the last thing this area needs is more cars on the road!!!

27 January 2007

One More Bridge Please!!!

Yes, one more bridge please!! Those of you who have been to California may have noticed all the bridges going here and there. Well, Northern Virginia is presenting a challege to California's tight hold on that title. This is a portion of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project that has not been completed yet. I will be posting more pictures of the craziness, in the mean time enjoy!!!

26 January 2007

Looking Out

Not really sure what what to say about this photo. It was beautiful out yet very cold....hmmm. I just like the shot, it grabbed my attention so I thought I would post it.

25 January 2007

Water Fountain

I was walking around Old Town and I found this water fountain. I am sure there is some technical name for this fish like sculpture. Personally, it looks like a pissed off fish with a mustache and big lips!!!

24 January 2007

Blue Sky

I went through 5 photos trying to come up with one that I liked. This photo was by far the most simple, yet it was the most pleasing to my eyes. I mentioned in my post yesterday that it has been very gray out, well the blue sky in this photo was the key. It is so nice to see bright, vibrant, saturated color that I just could not pass it up!!!

23 January 2007

Evening Rush Hour

This is the evening rush hour on 395 South towards Richmond Virginia. I was driving home from work and I just could not get home fast enough to take a picture of the sunset. With the weather so gray lately, anything with color has to be considered for my daily photo.

22 January 2007

First Snow of the Year

Well it is almost February and this is our first snow of the year. The snow had just started to fall while I was bringing in the groceries. On the left side of the picture you can see a very large tree reflecting onto the roof of my black car and the white specks are snow. I really like the eerie quality of this picture.

21 January 2007

Rusting Pole

I know this does not look like a pole but this is what it looks like close up. I really enjoy texture and detail in my pictures and this high tension wire mount with rusting metal and peeling paint makes the image stand out!

20 January 2007

Get Your News Here

No matter what your news preference, this street corner in Old Town has you covered. During the work week you can find the Washington Post Express, (far left) free, quick news (but full of ads). Of course you may need an apartment, so you can check out the listings in one of many apartment finder brochures. If an apartment is too college-ish then a new home may be your thing. Don't forget to check out a listing of cars, unless you want to walk or take public transportation. Finally, there are actual news papers such as the Washington Post and USA Today; however, the term "newspaper" should be used lightly in the US because the only news you are likely to see is coverage of Iraq - more of a nightmare than news.

19 January 2007

The Dog & Owner vs. The Biker

I am going to write about this but after I wake up in the morning!!!! Well it is morning now!! I was out taking pictures of Old Town When I happened to get this shot. Nothing really exciting but I thought it was somewhat funny. The dog and the owner seem to be staring the biker down and vise versa. There is that look of uncertainty which I kind of like. If this is too much of a stretch then look in the upper left hand corner at the Misha's Coffee sign. Misha's makes great coffee and espresso, they roast their own beans which is why it tastes so good. If you are smoker you may like it even more because they allow smoking. Beware though, the people who tend to hang out at Misha's are a bit different (just my opinion!!) Go for the coffee, you can't go wrong.

18 January 2007

Life From High Up

I have taken many pictures from my high up apartment window. The lighting always changes along with the weather which makes each day unique. The fog pictures from below were taken from the same vantage point, yet look very different. Much of Alexandria looks like this, the tree are bare and the grass is green. In the months to come the trees will bloom and fill in what looks to be a huge open parking lot.

17 January 2007

Need a Pen or Pencil??

Sometimes I do abstract photography and today is one of those days. This is the life of an illy espresso can, first it contained wonderful espresso then it moved on to holding my pens, pencils and my bio-thermometers (on the right and in the back). This picture has a textural quality where (refer to post below) it feels as though I could easily grab a pen or pencil and start writing. Some how all my pens and pencils wind up here instead of staying at work!!!!

16 January 2007

Rusting Fire Hydrant

I really enjoy taking pictures of objects or things that have texture related features. This yellow rusting fire hydrant is a perfect example. When enlarged the paint bubbles, chips and rust show the harsh reality of sitting outside in the elements. This slow deterioration has created something that is very simple yet very enjoyable to look at. The saturated colors add to the detail and make this image stand out.

15 January 2007

Pure Prana

Pure Prana is a great yoga studio, after attending one class you will be back for more!!

14 January 2007

What's Wrong with this Picture???

Well for starters it is only mid January and the flowers are starting grow and come up out of the ground. Virginia is not known for being really cold but I am from Minnesota so I am a bit jaded!!! This winter has been very warm, yesterday it was around 65 F degrees and last Saturday it was 75 F degrees. As somebody who loves to ski, hike and enjoy the outdoors I find it very disturbing that the seasons are starting to be less defined and just down right messd up. I am hoping that this is not a pattern or that it is some isolated blip. Only time will tell....

13 January 2007

Early Morning Fog

Sticking with my fog theme I thought this shot would be perfect. If you look between both buildings off in the distance you can see the Washington monument poking through the fog.

12 January 2007

Bouldering Anyone??

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to get in shape and have fun. Bouldering is a term for doing a very short route that does not require the climber to use a safety rope and harness. A foam pad, climbing shoes, chalk and a friend spotting you is all that you need and some rocks of course which can be found here. The colored tape indicates which holds are to be used to complete a particular bouldering problem. Give it a try and have fun!!

11 January 2007

Eamonn's PX

The blue light is on and that non-discript red door with the slot is the entrance to Eamonn's PX or Speakeasy. The PX is an upscale lounge that serves high end drinks that aren't very common these days. This is not a typical bar that would serve martinis and beer. I really enjoy the idea that this lounge/bar is using secrecy to get the word out!!!

06 January 2007

Espresso Please!!!

This has got to be the best way to start the day......one shot of espresso please!!!

03 January 2007

Foggy Potomac River

It was a rainy and foggy day--what can I say. I have driven past this spot hundreds of times and I finally decided to bring my camera along and take a picture. The light and fog made this shot work.