19 January 2007

The Dog & Owner vs. The Biker

I am going to write about this but after I wake up in the morning!!!! Well it is morning now!! I was out taking pictures of Old Town When I happened to get this shot. Nothing really exciting but I thought it was somewhat funny. The dog and the owner seem to be staring the biker down and vise versa. There is that look of uncertainty which I kind of like. If this is too much of a stretch then look in the upper left hand corner at the Misha's Coffee sign. Misha's makes great coffee and espresso, they roast their own beans which is why it tastes so good. If you are smoker you may like it even more because they allow smoking. Beware though, the people who tend to hang out at Misha's are a bit different (just my opinion!!) Go for the coffee, you can't go wrong.

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