28 February 2007

King Street Blues

This colorful building is the King Street Blues. I have never eaten here before but I do like the building for its color, humor and the old men up top!!

27 February 2007

Box Seating

Several days earlier I posted a picture of the outside of Christ Church now I am showing the inside which is larger than it looks from the the outside. Far from the most ornate churchs I have been in it is still interesting because box seating is a rather old concept in american churches.

26 February 2007

Renamed--The Electricity of Life!!

I was driving home the other night after shooting some night photos and my camera was still on the tripod. It still had the settings from earlier (bulb, f8, iso 200) so I started shooting and this is what I got. I like it for a messing around kind of photo!!!

25 February 2007

Big Eyed

I don't usually post people pictures but I really like this photo and wanted to share it. Let me know what you think!!

24 February 2007

Christ Church Tower

This is a shot of Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria. There is so much going on in this picture; different shapes of windows, brick then wood, four sides then eight sides. The best part is the beautiful blue sky!!!

23 February 2007

Salted Stairs

I was out in Old Town with my camera and I came across these stairs covered in salt. I guess you can never over salt as long as you don't fall even though I would say this salt job is on the verge of overkill. Just my $.02 cents!!!

22 February 2007

Red Flowers

I am hoping to get out this weekend to photograph the outdoor aspect of Alexandria--you know buildings and people moving about. Until then I thought I would post a picture of these really beautiful red flowers. I used my camera phone and the light was pretty dim. I am pleased with the look and feel of this photograph but I am looking forward to hearing your opinions.

21 February 2007

Hilton Sunset

That big building is the Hilton hotel in Mark Center Alexandria, wow--that was a mouth full!! I got home from work the other day and this is what I saw. A beautiful sunset so I pulled out the camera phone and grabbed a slice of time.

20 February 2007

Rebar and Lots of it!!!

This picture is from the bridge that goes across I-495. It is the same place I took the picture of the rusted wire roll (look at earlier posts to see it). If you enlarge this picture you will see the rusted wire that holds the rebar together. When it gets warm again they will pour concrete on this and it will never be seen again!! I like the pattern, and the nice green color which just seems to go on forever.

19 February 2007

Masonic Temple

This is the Masonic Temple in Alexandria Virginia. I can't really give an accurate description of someone who is a Free Mason so I will redirect you to Wikipedia's definition. My grandfather is a Free Mason so that is my other reason for posting this picture. I will say this much it is a very nice building to look at especially when the sky is really blue and the sun is setting.

18 February 2007

Beached Coke Bottle

I was walking along the Potomac river and came across this old coke bottle sticking out of the sand. This is exactly the way I saw it, I didn't touch it or brush it off. I guess you could say this is one of the more attractive pieces of litter that washed ashore!!

17 February 2007

Rusted Roll of Wire

When I was out shooting I came across this roll of wire. I really like shooting objects that are rusted or rusting. The color and texture always make it interesting to look at even if your first response is what the heck am I looking at!!!!

16 February 2007

Three Bikes

What is it about bikes that makes them so nice to photograph? I am not sure I can really answer that question. Many people take pictures of the single bike leaning against the wall in some city. I saw these bikes outside a metro stop and had to take a picture. Please share your thoughts on this!!!

15 February 2007

Green Hard Hat

I saw this hard hat and thought to myself, what a great use!! If I am not going to protect my head with it then I might aas well use it for my nuts and bolts. The flip side--it's an extra hard hat!!

14 February 2007

Cupped Hands Dog Bowl

Over by the Kings Street Metro stop there is an Art Park (or at least that is what the sign says) where I came accross a drinking fountain that was equipped with a dog water bowl. This of course is not your ordinary bowl but rather a childs hand combined with an adults hand to form a cup or bowl for the water. Dogs don't know how good they have it!!!

13 February 2007

Flower Pots and Sun!!!

While the reflection in the window shows trees without leaves it also shows that the sun is out and that it is bright and sunny. That image coupled with terra cotta flower pots makes me excited for the arrival of spring and summer. I really like the warm colors and glow that this image provides.

12 February 2007

American Flag

I have seen this truck many times driving around with its framed American flag in Old Town. Apparently the transmission is frozen so the truck is stuck, hence the parking ticket in the upper right hand corner!!!

11 February 2007

Metal Rebar

This is a pile of rebar and scrap metal from the Wilson bridge project. There is a lot going on in this picture but sometimes my mind feels like this picture so it is good to get it all out!!!

10 February 2007

Bridge from the Park

This is another shot from the park over by Belle Haven. The large white bridge is the Wilson bridge. This is the completed side, when the other side is finished the bridge will be a twelve lane wide drawbridge. I believe the largest in the US, correct me if I am wrong!!

09 February 2007

Energy Efficient Light

It may be hard to see but this street light in Old Town, Alexandria is using an energy efficient bulb. Many may say big deal but with the talk of global warming and our dependence on oil sometimes the little things might be the start of something big. If the environment is not your thing then think of it this way, less energy, less cost, less taxes, OK--so less taxes is pushing it but it was worth a try!!!

08 February 2007

Side View Mirror Sunset

I was driving home and the beautiful sunset was to my back. I thought what a great way to get a picture--use the side view mirror. I did, and this was what I got, pretty cool for using a camera phone while driving down the highway!!!!

07 February 2007

Rotten Wood

I am at again with my abstract pictures. This was taken at a park along the Potomac river over by Belle Haven in Alexandria. I really like the linear aspect of this picture down to the pieces of wood that are falling off. Lots of texture and detail--I love it!!!

06 February 2007

Winged Clouds

I really like the color and shape of these clouds. The left side looks like the wing of a butterfly and the right looks more like the wing of a hawk or an eagle. I guess it could be anything, what do you think???

05 February 2007


HOV--for those not familiar with the term it stands for High-Occupancy Vehicle lanes. These special lanes require that you have 2 or 3 people in the car depending on which highway you are going to drive on. The benefit is that the speed limit is higher and the traffic moves faster. So what does this have to do with my picture?? Well, in Virginia these lanes switch directions depending on the time of day. In the morning there are 3 regular lanes and 2 lanes separated by concreate barriers (HOV) going into Washington D.C. In the evening it is the same except the HOV lanes are now only for traffic leaving Washington D.C. If you are in a hurry but don't have the correct amout of people to drive in HOV you may want to avoid it, the fines range from $50 US Dollars to $1000. The State Troopers will sit and just count people in cars and wait to bust that one person trying to be sneaky!!

04 February 2007

Blue Doors

I stopped at a park today and there was this building with these blue doors I could not resist getting a picture. I really like the shadows that are being cast onto these doors.

03 February 2007

Long Sidewalk

This picture was taken on the side of Christ Church. I really like the long red brick sidewalk. In Old Town there is a lot of red brick. Some of it is very even and nice and some is a little bumpy to say the least!!!

02 February 2007

Got the Time???

It was time to move on from the railroad pictures, I actually have a few more but were starting to seem dreary. This sundial sits outside of Christ Church in Old Town. I always enjoy capturing color that is unique or caused by weathering so I was in luck when I got this picture.

01 February 2007

Interesting Lock

I really like this side shot of this lock. This does not look like your standard Master lock. There is so much going on just to close and clamp the door to keep it secure.