12 January 2007

Bouldering Anyone??

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to get in shape and have fun. Bouldering is a term for doing a very short route that does not require the climber to use a safety rope and harness. A foam pad, climbing shoes, chalk and a friend spotting you is all that you need and some rocks of course which can be found here. The colored tape indicates which holds are to be used to complete a particular bouldering problem. Give it a try and have fun!!


Felicia said...

Hi Dave, cool photo. Welcome to the DP family from San Diego. I've tried climbing once when I was a teen and it was lots of fun...should do it again someday.

James said...

Hi love your photo. I have only been bouldering a few times but i have been meaning to get back into it. Good luck on all your climbing.