24 March 2007

Potomac River at Night

This is a night shot from a couple of weeks ago. This is the Potomac river, in the background you can see the Wilson bridge and that streaking light is from the strobe of an airplane getting ready to land at National Airport.


Pat said...

What a great photo!

I remember the news many years ago of a plane crash in that river in winter. It was awful.

But your photo is lovely!

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Stephane said...

That's a great photo, I love the reflection of the lights in the water

Per Stromsjo said...

I really enjoy night shots with some light in them. Not a contradiction at all, as you’ve just proven.

angela said...

Beautifully captured. I love the stillness of the water and the reflections.

Curly said...

Quite superb Dave, a nice time exposure! I reall liked the wife and daughter too, it had me smiling as well.

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