13 March 2007

Place Dumpster Here!!!!

Everytime I go to Sportrock to do some indoor rock climbing and yoga I see this dumpster in the parking lot. A little history--there are many car repair shops next to Sportrock and this is one of the car shops dumpsters.
So I am a bit confused. Place the dumpster here is that on the white concrete???? Here could be anywhere but if it was anywhere then it would not be here....hmmmm!!! OK, so I got it, as long as the dumpster is place on the ground where the arrows are pointing.....Then that would be here which could actually be anywhere but then it wouldn't be here...ahhh forget it!!!


photowannabe said...

Hmmmm...such a question of life to ponder...My brains too tired to think that hard.

Felicia said...

Yes, and good thing the arrows are pointing down too. That would be funny if there were arrows all around the words, then we would really know where to place the dumpster!