27 March 2007

Flower Abstract No.1

I am awful at thinking of good titles so I thought I would name this photo in a similar way that Stuart Davis named his painting that is hanging at the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. I took this photo on a bright sunny day in Old Town, Alexandria. Through dodging and burning the picture now shows the emotion and feeling that I find enjoyable in photography. I always love doing abstract photography.....au revoir!!!!


Anne said...

Wow black and white! I didn't imagine i'd like a black and white rendition of flowers, but i really do like this photo. =)

Stephane said...

I like the b&w for this photo, good choice.

Annie said...

Is this done the old fashioned way, with film, in a dark room? It's rarely done that way anymore but when I hear the words dodging and burning, I think of playing in the darkroom. It's a lovely photo. Were I to pick a title I might call it Evening Enigma. The flowers seem mysterious and fleeting in their beauty.