26 March 2007

The Flower Show Begins

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Northern Virginia and the flowers were out. I went to Old Town and started taking pictures and got quite a few that I will be posting in the days to come. I am not sure of the name of these flowers but they grown on what I call a Tulip tree, I say this because the flowers look like Tulips. The back drop is Christ Church which I have photographed and posted here before. Looking forward to your comments--Dave


Stephane said...

Thanks for your comment, I really like your pictures as well and the emotions out of them.
This one makes me feel warm and makes me want to lie down the floor for a little nap.
Lovely church.

kris said...

yes, gorgeous image! nice backdrop as well

angela said...

That looks like a magnolia but not the grandiflora. I have one similar in the front of my house but it's finished blooming now.
It's a beautiful Spring photo..

santy said...

pretty flowers! love how the sun shines on them.