12 April 2007

Smokey the Cat

This is my diabetic cat Smokey. He gets 2 shots a day to help keep his blood sugar in line, of course I can't say much last year I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes--I digress.... I like this picture because he looks as though he is pondering the great out doors from 10 floors up. He also looks a bit funny as I take the shaver to both of my cats because their fur is just way too long!!!


Fabrizio ikol22 said...

How cuute !!! I adore cats and he look like a bit my Mao

Annie said...

I once had a gray cat named Smokey. I doubt he would have let me clip his hair.

Gerald England said...

Looks a bit like one we passed today looking out of the window rather disdainfully at the traffic.

Rudy said...

There's an unspoken rule against publishing photos of your cats on your blog. I am glad you broke the rule. I found your caption so interesting and your cat is the second cat I know of with diabetes. I wish both of you luck with the treatment and a very long and healthy life.

I did break the rules too: