10 April 2007

Cherry Blossoms & The Washington Monument

I really like this picture of the Cherry blossoms and the Washington monument. I could not seem to get a shot off that didn't include people--but I still like the picture.


kris said...

i can see why you're so in love with cherry blossoms..their gorgoeous!

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

...And I love me too. Then people on the background are a nice complement

Chris & Deb said...

At this time of year it probably is impossible to capture this image without people stepping in and out of the shot!
Great colors!!

Z said...

I would say it's quite an achievement to have only 2 people in your shot this time of year like C&D note.

I visited the Tidal Basin and nearby areas early one Spring Sunday morning a few years ago. It really is a pretty sight.