07 April 2007

Fire Side Chat

I took this photo at the FDR memorial in Washington D.C. This bronze statue represents the fire side chats (as they were called) that were given by Franklin Roosevelt during WWII. He would update them on the status of the war since CNN had yet to be invented!!! Notice where all the kids are sitting on this sculpture--his knees are well worn!!


Anonymous said...

My first time to your blog.

I lived back then and am still alive to remember those days. We had chairs just like that chair. We even had a radio that looked like that. We listened to President Roosevelt and we also listened to Edward R. Murrow who broadcast from the center of London while bombs fell all around him. He made CBS famous. Anyway. this is a remarkable post that brought back a lot of memories for me.

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Cowbark said...

The FDR memorial is easily my favorite presidential memorial in DC. I went to college there and still visit often as most of my family now lives in the area. This picture just made me turn to my boyfriend and say "can we please go to the FDR memorial when we're in DC next month?" Lucky for me he's never been and loves history! :)

Love the photo!