28 December 2006

My Opening Post

This is my first post to this blog. The picture above was taken from my apartment one early morning after dropping my girlfriend off at the airport. The entire Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area was covered in this beautiful fog. This is one of my favorite pictures--so I thought it should be the opening act.


Ruth said...

Dave, I love blue light like this, and the fog with the lights makes a fabulous view!

Welcome to the DP family from East Lansing!


Ruth said...

Another thing. Might you consider allowing anonymous comments? You can check a box on your comments preferences to allow them, which might get you more commenting visitors. :)

For example, I have a Blogger account, and so my login allowed me to comment. But that's not where my E. Lansing blog is, and if I didn't have Blogger, I wouldn't have been able to welcome you!


Chris & Deb said...

Dave, Minneapolis DP welcomes you! Your opening act is simply beautiful!

Meg in Nelson said...

Welcome to DP. This is a magical shot!